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 Design Your Domain


Design the website of your dreams without the overwhelm


 Have you ever looked at someone’s website and wondered how the heck they made it look so amazing?

Meanwhile you’re stuck feeling:

Lost and overwhelmed with all the tech stuff of designing a website, wondering how the heck are you suppose to DIY your website let alone make it look professional and grow your business

Bad about yourself because you can’t and won’t spend thousands of dollars to hire someone who may or may not create a website you even like

Like you're drowning in all the information out there about designing a website and the unanswered questions still swimming through your brain

It’s time to put an end to this, like right now!

Imagine if…


 You too, can design a professional website that attracts the right people and grows your business while earning you income


 The secret to easily creating a professional website that grows your business and income is by using Squarespace and following a step by step system.

Here’s why Squarespace is the best platform for creative entrepreneurs:

Squarespace is a great option for all creative entrepreneurs, especially the non-techies, because it’s an all-in-one platform with drag and drop features. So you don’t have to sort through hundreds of plugins and can easily design your website exactly the way you want.

You won’t have to deal with crazy updates that completely break your site or scary security hacks that threaten your business. Plus, there’s no need to know how to code in order to create a professional looking website.

Ditch the frustration and learn the ins and outs of Squarespace so you can design that website you’ve been dreaming of!


 That’s why I created
Design Your Domain!

— to share my complete step by step strategy to designing a professional looking website with ease


 Because without any guidance or support it can be nearly impossible to make any real progress or to even get started.

I haven’t always been able to design pretty websites. I know what it’s like to have information overload and still not knowing what to do or how to start.

When I started my first business I was working a job that completely drained me both physically and mentally. There was even that one time when I asked if I could take a day off if my cat were to die, and my boss literally laughed at me and said “no he’s not an immediate family member”.

Dude, my pets are my kids!

I struggled to get that first website together. Going through that frustration of having to learn something new. All the trials and errors. But I kept researching, trying things, and learning exactly how to put it all together the right way. 

And now I actually love designing websites and have to stop myself from constantly giving my website a facelift just for fun. Plus, I can take a day off whenever I feel the need, especially if my crying my eyes out.


Design Your Domain is a step by step course covering everything you need to know to design and launch a website you’re truly proud of!


 Here’s what’s included:


design your domain modules mockup

7 Video Training Modules

You’ll learn my entire step by step process for creating a professional website. This is the actionable information you need to attract the right people to your website to grow your business.


10+ Workbooks

You’ll get 10+ workbooks, checklists, and templates to help you apply what you learned to your own business and website.


email marketing training

Email Marketing Setup Training

In this bonus video training you will learn how to set up your website and business for email marketing. Including how to connect ConvertKit to your website, how to automate emails, and more!


design your domain course bonus

Lifetime Access and Free Updates

I regularly check the course to see if there's anything I can add or improve. You will always have access to the most up to date information, including Squarespace tech updates.


+ Module One: Branding Basics

Create a brand that not only represents your business but attracts your ideal customers

Get super detailed on who your ideal customer is and learn how they think

+ Module Two: Preparing Your Website

Create a profitable website plan, nail down your site’s purpose, and learn how to structure your site accordingly

Write a valuable tag line with the fill in the blank template

Learn the best practices for designing your website like a pro

+ Module Three: Squarespace for Beginners

Learn your way around Squarespace so you can easily navigate the back end of your website

Discover shortcuts to make your design time even faster

+ Module Four: Design Your Website

Find out how to pick the best template for you and your business

Start designing your core pages (home, about, and contact pages) with tech tutorial videos so you can see page designing in action

+ Module Five: Advanced Squarespace

More tech tutorial videos to show you some of the more advanced design tactics

Copy and paste code so you can easily follow along

+ Module Six: Marketing Bits

Make sense of SEO on your website and how to add it so you can get found in Google search

Learn how to strategically place your email opt-ins to build your email list on autopilot

+ Module Seven: Preparing for Launch

Put the finishing touches on your website so it’s ready to be sent out into the world

Get the launch schedule so you can launch your site with a bang!


 Design Your Domain


 You’re going to fall head over heals for
Design Your Domain if…

  • You want to finally design the website of your dreams that grows your business by attracting the right people who will turn into raving fans

  • You already have a website, but you’re too embarrassed to show it to anyone and would LOVE to learn how to make it look more professional

  • You’re sick of all of the information overload and still not knowing where or how to actually start

  • You refuse to pay thousands of dollars to hire someone who may or may not design a website that you even like


 I have to be honest, you’re not going to love
Design Your Domain if…

  • You aren’t willing to learn and put in the work to actually design a professional website

  • You would prefer to just hire someone to do the work for you

  • You plan to use a website platform other than Squarespace

  • You already have a beautifully designed website that you love and attracts the right people while growing your business and income


 Hey! I’m your teacher, Amanda

I help creative entrepreneurs design and grow their online business with Squarespace. I do this by teaching web design and online business strategies in simple, step by step ways.

I’ve tried multiple other entrepreneurial ventures, but finally found joy in designing Squarespace websites and sharing my knowledge with others. Before I started this blog I was working a soul sucking job, feeling drained both physically and mentally. Then I realized what my favorite part about each of my previous online businesses, designing the website.

Now, if you’re new to the whole world of websites and design, or maybe you already have one but aren’t too proud of it, or you just don’t know where or how to start, Design Your Domain will become your blueprint to a professional website that not only you’re proud of but also helps to grow your business.

Money back guarantee for Design Your Domain - Squarespace web design course

 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Not sure Design Your Domain is right for? I’m giving you an entire week to try my step by step system. If at the end of the 7 days you feel like Design Your Domain isn’t the right fit for you for whatever reason, then your investment will be refunded to you.

I’m offering this money back guarantee because I fully believe in the content within Design Your Domain and I want you to see how game changing this course can be, risk free.

Are you ready to take the leap and design that website you’ve been dreaming about!?


You’ve got questions and I’ve got answers!

+ What if I'm brand new to online business?

That's perfectly fine! Now you'll be able to start with a professional looking website, right off the bat!

Plus, you'll be saving loads of time by not trying to figure everything out on your own first.

+ Tech stuff scares me, do you show the tech side of things?

Yes! I show you step by step exactly what to do inside the back end of your Squarespace website.

I would never want to leave you hanging!

+ I’m busy! How will this course save me time?

I get it. My goal is to provide you with actionable information that you can implement right away...not “fluff” that sends you in a million different directions.

You’re saving time by joining Design Your Domain and getting an actual system and process to accomplish designing a professional website yourself, rather than taking shots in the dark and figuring things out on your own. Or worse, wasting thousands of dollars hiring someone else to do it for you.

+ How long will it take to build my website?

Honestly, this depends on a lot of things. Like your daily schedule (if you have a day job and/or kids) and how much time and effort you're willing to put in.

Some people can build their website in a week, while others it takes 4-5 weeks.

+ How long do I have access to the course?

How does forever sound? But I can tell you that Design Your Domain won’t always be offered at this price and will continually be updated with new strategies, information, and advice.

But you? You won’t have to pay a dime for any of those updates. You get permanent access to the course and any extras I decide to throw in.

+ When does the course start and finish?

Design Your Domain is a self paced course. You can start it as soon as you purchase it or next week or even next year (not that I recommend that, but life does get in the way!)

+ Do you offer any refunds or guarantees?

Yes I do. If you spend 7 days going through the course and taking action, but still don’t see results, I will give you a refund. No risks here!

+ What type of content is the course delivered in?

The course is made up of mostly videos, with some worksheets and written information.

+ Are you going to make me buy a bunch of expensive products and software?

Nope! The only thing you need to purchase for this course is your Squarespace plan. You can't have a website without a website platform!

+ Do I need to know how to code?

No way! I do show how you can add code to your Squarespace website in case you do know how to code and I also provide you with code that you can just copy and paste!

+ Could I just find this information for free online?

You can find almost anything online these days...but does that mean it’s legitimate and helpful? Not at all! Have you heard about the “scandal” where people were creating fake news articles and millions of people thought they were real? This is kind of like that. :)

Much of the free stuff you find online is simply unhelpful, but most people just don’t know what to look for when trying to find real, actionable advice. I can tell you that with Design Your Domain, you’ll find information you can’t find anywhere else, packaged up into a step-by-step process that doesn’t require you to spend hours and hours sifting through Google or YouTube for advice.

+ Do I get 1 on 1 access to you?

No but I do host coaching calls and the replay videos will always be added to the course for you to watch later.

And you can always join my Facebook group - Website Besties. It's not an exclusive group for course students only, but you can still ask questions or for feedback.


 Before Design Your Domain:

  • You’re too embarrassed to tell people about your website, so you just avoid marketing all together

  • Each day you do get some visitors, but nothing like what everyone else gets

  • Every time you sit down to work on your website, you get overwhelmed from all the things and find something else to do instead

After Design Your Domain:

  • You love the way your website looks, so now you happily show it off to the world

  • You’re confident that your website reflects your brand and brings in the right people who will turn into loyal fans

  • Now you really do have the time to focus on the things that will grow your business even more — marketing, content creation, etc


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