What to Send to Your Email List


You hear it time and time again, every business needs to have an email list to be successful.

By now you understand the importance of having an email. Like the connection you can build because emails are much more personal. And the fact that writing emails aren’t as complicated as trying to figure out and keep up with social media algorithms.

You probably even have some ideas on how to grow your email list with your content upgrades and lead magnets offered in various places on your website including your header, in blog posts, and maybe even your main navigation.

You understand that you’re supposed to have an email list for your online business. But what exactly are you supposed to send your email list? Find out 8 types of emails your subscribers actually want to read and what you need to check before you hit send on each email. #emailmarketing #emaillist #growyourbusiness #marketingtips #emailmarketingtips

But what do you send your email list? What makes a good email?

You can’t just throw some words together and call it good. You want to keep your subscribers on your list and engaged. There are a few things you need to think about before sending an email to your list.

But first let’s go over a few ideas of what you can send to your subscribers.

What to Send Your Email List

  • Your new blog post or preferably just a tease of it with a link back to your website where they can finish reading it

  • Updates about your business including behind the scenes and whatever you are currently working on or learning

  • New products or services because they are your VIPs and should be the first to know about your new products or services so they can get first dibs

  • Sales and promotions, again because they are your VIPs and should get first dibs and are most likely to buy from you than someone who just stumbled across your sales page

  • Webinars / workshops / events so they have the chance to attend live and learn more from you and share it with their friends

  • A personal story that they can relate to and make sure it also relates to your niche or products

  • Inspirational and motivational words because it’s always nice to receive some pick-me-ups especially while trying to overcome a struggle

  • Surveys to gather market research so you can better help them

It’s a good idea to have a mix of these types of emails. You don’t want to constantly be sending out your new blog post. Sorry, but that’s pretty boring.

And you also don’t want to bombard your subscribers with constant sales emails. Talk about annoying!

Sending the same type of email over and over will lead to decreased open rates and eventually unsubscribes.

Try to mix it up a bit and make sure to add in some personal touches so you come across as human and can more easily build a connection with your subscribers.

What to Check Before You Send an Email

  1. Before you even start writing any email you need to determine why you are sending an email in the first place. What value is it going to provide your readers? What’s in it for them? If you don’t know the answer to these questions then it’s not worth sending.

  2. Think about and plan for the action you want them to take after reading this email and make sure it is clearly stated so they know what is expected of them. It’s always a good idea to get your readers to take action on something after reading your content. This will make them want to keep coming back to your content if you are providing helpful tips that is improving their struggles.

  3. Write your email like you are speaking to a friend. Your subscribers are real people, treat them that way and build a connection with them to gain trust.

  4. Try to incorporate words your subscribers use. This will help to really connect with them and make them feel like you are reading their mind and truly understand them. You can do this with market research by using surveys or searching forums and groups where your ideal audience hangs out.

  5. Include a post-script (P.S.) at the end of your email to try to get your readers to converse with you by asking them a question or to get them excited about your next email by providing a teaser.

  6. Write an intriguing but clear subject line to increase your open rates. You can have a super valuable email, but no one will read it if they don’t open it.

  7. Make sure to preview your email and send a test email to yourself so you can make sure it looks good before sending it out.

  8. Read it over to check for any spelling and grammatical errors.

To make sure you don’t forget any steps while writing your next email download the Before You Send Your Email Checklist!


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