9 Ways to Use the Announcement Bar on Squarespace


Another one of the many great things about Squarespace is the announcement bar feature. This feature is available on all Squarespace templates and plans (except the Personal plan).

There are multiple ways you can use an announcement bar to your advantage. And I will get to them in a second.

Learn 9 different ways you use can the announcement bar feature on your Squarespace website. They are great for growing your email list or social media, promoting products, and many more! #squarespace #squarespacetips

But first, you might be wondering what an announcement bar is and how do you add it to your website?

What is an announcement bar?

An announcement bar is a little bar that sits on top of your webpage with some sort of an announcement on it.

These are great because it’s at the very top of your website so it’s one of the first things readers will see. That is, as long as it stands out and doesn’t blend in too much.

You can add text, links, and style it to match your brand.

How to add an announcement bar to your website?

From your home dashboard on the backend of your Squarespace website, click on Marketing -> Announcement Bar.

Next, click on the dropdown menu and select Enable Announcement Bar.

Follow these steps to enable your announcement bar on Squarespace - Squarespace Tips

Now a text box will show up where you can enter the text you would like to appear on the announcement bar.

If you want a specific word to link somewhere you can highlight the word and use the link tool in the text editing options. Otherwise you can have the whole bar become a link and you can set that below the text box that says Clickthrough URL.

Check out this tutorial video to see the steps in action to enable your announcement bar.

What Can You Use an Announcement Bar For?

I have included a couple of screenshots of websites from a variety of niches who are using announcement bars to help give you ideas and show that they work no matter what your niche is!

Get people to sign up for your email list/Offer a freebie

Assuming you have an email list for your business (I hope you do), you can easily advertise it using your announcement bar.

The not so recommended way is to ask people to sign up for your newsletter.

The better option is to offer a freebie and in exchange for the freebie they will be signed up for your email list! If you don’t know what to offer your readers then I recommend you read my post on 14 email opt-in ideas.

This is an excellent way to grow your email list!

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Promote a sale

If you have a shop on your website or sell a few products you can promote a sale using the announcement bar.

This is a great way to alert visitors of your sale and they can click the link to be taken to your shop or the product that’s on sale. You can also include the dates of the sale and even the coupon code.

Promote a new product or service

Did you just create a new product or service? Advertise it on your announcement bar! This is a great way to get your visitors excited and interested to learn more.

Announce special dates or events

If you have a webinar, workshop, craft event, or any other type of special event, you can state it on your announcement bar. This is great for alerting and reminding your visitors of the important date!

Promote a new blog post

You could simply use your announcement bar to let your visitors know about your new blog post. Every time you publish a new post you could update your announcement bar and now people will be able to easily read what’s new on your blog!

You could do this by saying “Check out our new blog post” or use the title of your blog post.

Do a survey

Surveys are a great way to gather some market research to help you grow your business. You can link to your survey in your announcement bar and get people to take part by offering a freebie as well.

Ask to follow on social media

Are you trying to grow your following on social media? Link your announcement bar to one of your accounts and ask for people to follow you! It’s so simple!

Ask to join your Facebook group

Did you recently start a free Facebook group and want more people to join? Link to it in your announcement bar and ask people to join!

Any special announcement

And of course, any other type of special announcement you could think of that you want your readers to know about, put it in your announcement bar.

This could be announcing that you are accepting guest posts, have open availability for booking, etc.

How to customize the fonts and color?

After you have enabled your announcement bar you can go to your Site Styles to customize the look of it.

From your home dashboard go to Design -> Site Styles and click on your announcement bar so the style editor will show you only the edits available for the announcement bar.

You should see options to change the font and color so it matches your branding!

Really, the possibilities for your announcement bar are endless. These are just a couple of ideas to help get you started.

What is your favorite way to use an announcement bar? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your answer!


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