MailChimp VS ConvertKit: Which is Better?


When first starting out, coming up with blogging content can be overwhelming enough. And now, you keep hearing that you have to start an email list. Which means you need to decide which platform to go with.

How the heck are you suppose to know which one is better? There are sooo many choices out there!

MailChimp VS ConvertKit: Which email marketing software should you choose for your online business? Learn which email marketing provider is the best for you to build your email list and become apart of your email marketing strategy. Hint: it must have email marketing automation

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Today I want to compare the two most popular email marketing softwares out there, MailChimp and ConvertKit. And explain the difference between free and paid software.

I’m assuming you already understand why you need an email list, and that’s why you’re here trying to decide where to start yours.

If not, you can read my post The Importance of Having an Email List to find out why you need one and then come back here to decide which platform you should use.

I want to start off by saying that I have used both of these and currently use ConvertKit for Blondepreneur. But I did use MailChimp for The Crazy Dog Mom.

I will spill the beans now. ConvertKit is what I recommend but I wanted to let you know about the best free option just in case.

So let’s get started!

Free VS Paid

Let’s begin this comparison by comparing free vs paid.

Most people prefer free, I mean why wouldn’t you? Especially if you are just starting your business and aren’t making any money.

Why pay for something when there is a free option?

Well the answer is simple. Free usually means not as good quality as the paid option which means more frustration. And more frustration means more time wasted.

How much is your time worth?

Do you really want to spend hours and hours trying to do a simple task? And remember, you have to do this task multiple times. Think about how frustrating that would be. You would want to pull your hair out and just give up all together.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

When you pay for the software things are usually much more user-friendly!

So, you are more easily able to set everything up for your emails, saving you time. Now you have more time to write more content and create more products.

This is the exact case for MailChimp and ConvertKit and why I recommend ConvertKit.

BUT, there are cases where MailChimp is better. Sometimes you just have to settle with free until you can budget to pay for the better software.

Or in my case with The Crazy Dog Mom, I didn’t have enough reason to pay for ConvertKit. I wasn’t using multiple opt-ins and was just sending out simple emails each month. I didn’t need a lot for my emails.

Now let’s break down the features of each so you can easily compare them.

Mailchimp vs ConvertKit Breakdown

1. Cost

MailChimp is free for your first 2,000 subscribers. After that there are paid plans that also offer more features.

MailChimp pricing plans
ConvertKit is $29/month for your first 1,000 subscribers and higher priced plans when you get more subscribers.
ConvertKit pricing plans

So either way, you will eventually have to pay for your email list as you get more subscribers.

2. Features

MailChimp Free Plan:

  • Send 12,000 emails per month

  • Email and chat support (first 30 days only)

  • Landing pages

  • Popup forms

  • Automated emails

  • Segmentation and tagging

  • Basic reports

  • A/B testing

MailChimp adds more and more features to the free plan each year. But these features are still much more difficult to use than ConvertKit’s.

Also, MailChimp has been known for poor email delivery. For some reason when you send emails with MailChimp, they are more likely to end up in the spam folder. I’m not sure if this is still true or ever was true but I have heard complaints from people.

ConvertKit $29 Plan:

  • Unlimited send emails

  • Custom forms and landing pages

  • Segmentation and tagging

  • Automated emails

  • Detailed reports

  • A/B testing

  • Email and live chat support

You can see they do have a lot of similar features but like I said, ConvertKit is much more user-friendly. In my opinion, that alone is worth the cost.

But do notice that with MailChimp you are limited to the number of emails you can send per month and you only get access to support for your first 30 days. Whereas ConvertKit you get unlimited email sends and access to live support all the time!

3. Why ConvertKit stands out

ConvertKit was actually created by a blogger.

He was sick of all the crappy email marketing platforms out there and their lack of features. So he decided to create his own!

Nathan Barry, ConvertKit CEO, has designed an email marketing software that allows you to easily create your email sequences (like your welcome emails and sales funnels), tag and segment your subscribers, and create and connect multiple opt-ins.

Basically everyone that works there has their own little side business or blog, so they all understand what you have to go through.

Seriously, my biggest annoyance with MailChimp was how complicated it was to create multiple opt-ins. And whether I wanted those opt-ins to all lead to the same welcome email or a different one, it was complicated.

I spent HOURS trying to figure this out and even watched tutorials on how to do it and was STILL confused! I think I did eventually get it figured out but it was so complicated I never understood if it was working correctly or not.

ConvertKit makes this extremely easy!

And they are constantly putting on webinars to help their users as much as possible.

Plus, if you ever need help using ConvertKit, you can message them from the website and get extremely helpful people to solve your problem!

Normally I hate having to ask for help, but the first time I finally gave in and messaged ConvertKit I got such amazing help, that now I don’t ever hesitate to ask!

ConvertKit is the number one email marketing software out there, especially for bloggers. You can check it out with a free trial of ConvertKit and see for yourself.

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