8 Things to Do to Increase Traffic to Your New Blog Post


So you just published your blog post. Yay!

But now what? How do you get traffic to your website so people can see it?

Well friend, I am going to share with you 8 things you do after you hit publish on your blog post to help bring in more traffic!

In case you are wondering though, here are 10 Things to do Before You Hit Publish on Your Blog Post.

Find out 8 things you should be doing after you publish your blog post to help increase traffic so people can actually read your post. Just follow these 8 simple steps every time you create a new post on your website! #blogging #blogcontent #promote

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What to do After You Publish a Blog Post to Bring in Traffic

Create Shareable Images

If you didn’t do this already, you should be creating images that you can share on your social media accounts and Pinterest. So make a different image for each of the platforms following the recommended sizes of each platform.

You can easily create these images on Canva or Photoshop if you prefer.

1. Share/Schedule Images to Social Media

Share your new blog post on each of the social media platforms you are active on, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Then you can also schedule out another post to be published about the blog post on a later date to remind people about it and to give more people a chance to see it because they may have missed it the last time.

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2. Pin to Pinterest

Pin the Pinterest friendly image you created to one of your boards the same day you publish the blog post. It’s a good idea to pin the blog post to the most relevant board first, not your brand board or a group board.

And then schedule it to be pinned to other boards at later dates and times.

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3. What to use to schedule social media and Pinterest?

For Facebook I use the scheduler available within Facebook. I think Facebook actually likes that better anyway.

Instagram I use the Later app to schedule out posts in advanced and it shows you how they will look on your feed once they are published.

Honestly, I have never used Twitter but I always hear people recommending IFTTT to schedule out Twitter posts.

To schedule out your Pinterest pins, I recommend Tailwind.

4. Email Anyone Mentioned in the Blog Post

If you mentioned anyone in your blog post you should send them an email just to let them know. Even better if you linked to their website or content within your blog post when you mentioned them.

Who knows, maybe they will share your blog post with their audience! But either way, it’s just nice to let know they have been mentioned. It could make their day!

5. Share in Groups

If you are a part of any Facebook groups that your target audience hangs out in you could share your new blog post with them on promo day.

Hopefully if you are using Pinterest as a part of your marketing strategy you are in Pinterest groups. Make sure to schedule your pin to be saved to those group boards that it fits into. Same with Tailwind tribes if you are a part of any.

6. Tell Your Subscribers

Send an email to your email list letting them know a new blog post has been published.

You could go about this in a few different ways.

  • Tease them with a piece of what is inside your blog post and then tell them to click a link to finish reading the post on your blog

  • At the bottom of your email you could have a section that says “What’s new with (your business name)” and then link to your new blog post

They are your fans, so of course they want to know about your new blog posts!

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7. Reply to Comments

Make sure to keep up with the comments on your blog posts and social media. You should always reply to them because it helps to build connection and trust between you and your readers.

Plus, it’s just the human thing to do.

8. Track Your Stats

Finally, you should be tracking your stats of each blog post you publish. It’s important to know which posts are doing well and which are not. This tells you what type of content your readers are interested in.

It’s also nice to know what posts are your top performers so you know where to add lead magnets, where to expand, and what posts can be repurposed into other types of content.

You can track your stats in your Squarespace or Shopify analytics as well as your Google Analytics.

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What else do you do to your blog posts after you publish them? Let me know in the comments below!


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