The Importance of Having an Email List


It doesn’t matter what type of business person you are, you need to have an email list! An email list is the one thing you have control over. Not Facebook, not Instagram, and not Pinterest. 

When you post on any social media, it disappears within minutes, sometimes even seconds! But an email will stay in your subscribers email, it will be there waiting for them, uninterrupted. 

Plus, the algorithm for social media is constantly changing and you have to keep up with it if you want any chance at it working to bring you money.

4 important reasons you need an email list to grow your blog and business. Learn exactly why emails should be a vital part of your marketing strategy

An email list may seem like a thing of the past, but think about it, have you checked your email today? 

Your email list will be your gold mine. You own it, you are in control. 

1. Builds Trust

When you use your email newsletter to send your subscribers valuable information, you are building trust with them. It shows that you know your stuff and that you want to share it with them, you want to help them. 

And when your subscribers have trust in you it means they have trust in your products or services. They will feel more comfortable and be more likely to purchase from you. 

2. You Will Stay at the Top of Potential Customers Minds

There is an extremely small chance that someone will visit your site once or see your social media post once and remember you and what you have to offer. They probably won’t remember you 30 minutes later let alone 3 months down the road when they could actually use your product or service. 

With your newsletter, you are consistently reminding them of your business and what you have to offer. And building that trust while doing it!

3. You Will Know What to Offer

Thanks to your email list, you will know what to offer from now on. It takes out the guess work. 

All you have to do is send an email and ask your subscribers what it is they are looking for or interested in, what their pain points and struggles are, and bam you got your next product, service, or blog post!

4. Increase Profits

You can put your email subscribers through a sales funnel and increase your profits. 

It starts off with you giving your reader free content in exchange for their email. Once they are on your email list, they continue to receive valuable free content and information. Then you slowly introduce your products or services to them and letting them know how  what you have to offer will help solve a problem they have. By now, they know and trust you so they purchase from you!

Hopefully now you understand just how important it is to collect emails for your business. So, go ahead, and start collecting those emails!

Learn how to start and grow your email list!

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