14 Email Opt-in Ideas to Explode Your List


There are so many email opt-in ideas for you to choose from but what is important is that you make it one your audience actually wants. Not sure what your audience wants? Do some research!

Ways to research what your audience wants:

  • Just ask them!

  • Email your subscribers

  • Ask your social media following

  • Ask your community if you have one built

  • Find Facebook groups that your audience hangs out in and ask them or search for their questions and pain points

14 Email Opt-in Ideas to Explode Your Email List. You will want to add these tips to your email marketing strategy to really increase your email list building. Pick your favorite email list signup ideas and add them to your website today!

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Now for the formats you can choose from:

1. Checklists

Checklists are a great way to summarize a blog post, especially one that had a lot of bullet points or steps. Who doesn’t love checking things off a list!? This is probably one of the most popular forms of email opt-in.

2. Worksheets or Workbooks

A worksheet can be a great way for your audience to take notes or take actionable steps from a blog post or webinar. A workbook can just be a bunch of worksheets put together or a combination or worksheets and checklists. These are another one of the more popular email opt-in ideas.

3. EBooks

This is a good choice because it can provide a lot of value and his easy to make. I don’t mean that you need to write an entire book. It can be as simple as a recipe eBook with a bunch of recipes. 

4. How to Guides

This is similar to eBooks and workbooks but it’s more of walking your reader through a process. Show them how to get from one point to another with actionable steps.

5. Style Guides

If you offer products like clothing, accessories, home decor, or furniture it might be a good idea to show your readers and potential clients how to style your products. 

6. Resource List

If you regularly are recommending products or services, why not create an organized list of them to give to your readers? This can just be in PDF format.

7. Resource Library

Similar to a resource list but not a PDF. A resource library is typically on your website but it blocked with a password. Your readers must sign up for your list to get the password so they can have access to your resource library. 

In your resource library you can have that list of all the services and products you recommend but it can also have extra detailed blog posts, or tutorials, or even just a library of all your email opt-in freebies!

8. Printables

You could design some beautiful printable, even if they are just quotes. Or show off your graphic design skills and create an amazing image for your readers to print and hang. 

9. Templates

These could be document or spreadsheet or presentation layout templates. 

10. Pre-recorded Videos

These can be from past webinars or Facebook lives where you provided a lot of valuable information. This is a great way to reuse old content by turning it into an email opt-in. 

11. Challenge

You can do this in a couple different ways. You can send one email with the list of challenges or you can send multiple emails with one challenge per email. Some types of challenges may work better one way than the other. 

Challenges could be like a 30 day yoga challenge or 7 day gratitude challenge.

12. Email Course

Email courses are a series of emails sent and are meant to teach your reader something.  These emails typically provide a lot of information in each one. This information could be made into an eBook, but some people prefer it in an email course format. 

You could even create your email course to offer as an opt-in and then use that exact same information and put it in an eBook format and offer it as another opt-in. This is a great way to reuse what you already have. Don’t make more work for yourself when you don’t have to. 

13. Private Online Community

A growing trend is Facebook groups. You could create a Facebook group that focuses on something in your niche and only allow email subscribers to join. Here you can provide all sorts of information consistently and create an engaging community of loyal fans. 

Another idea is to use your challenge opt-in and create a private Facebook group for the challenge. And instead of emailing the challenges each day, you would post them in the Facebook group!

14. Discounts and Special Offers

This is probably the most common and possibly most overused email opt-in idea. But you can create a VIP email list of people who get a special VIP coupon code each month. 

Now take all that information you researched about your customers and pick some of these opt-in ideas and get to creating! 

What is your favorite email opt-in? Comment to let me know!

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