How to Connect Google Analytics to Squarespace


Squarespace does come with analytics built in but Google Analytics is a much more powerful tool.

Why do you need it?

Knowing your numbers is important for your business. Numbers may not be everything, but it’s still important to know how your business is doing.

Google Analytics will be able to tell you how much traffic you get, where they come from, what pages they visit, the demographics of who is visiting your pages, and so much more.

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Knowing this information will help you with things like creating the right content for your audience, setting and tracking goals for your website, and how you can improve your website.

Squarespace will tell you some of this information, so it’s great for an overview look at how your website is doing. But Google Analytics is much more in-depth and will be able to help you more.

Luckily, Squarespace makes it super easy for you to connect your Google Analytics with your website.

Today I am going to walk you through how to set up an account with Google Analytics and how to connect it to your Squarespace website.

How to Set Up Google Analytics

1. Login to your Google account

Personally, I prefer to use my G Suite account to set up my Google Analytics. This helps to keep things organized and just makes the most sense to me.

2. Go to Google Analytics Website

Next, go to the Google Analytics website and click the “Sign up” button at the top right.

Double check that you are signed in to the correct Google account first by clicking your profile icon in the top right corner. (Shown in the picture it’s that blue circle.)

Signup for Google Analytics

3. Create Your Account

After you click the “Sign up” button you will be brought to this page…

Create your Google Analytics account

Now let’s work our way down this form.

“Website” is already selected so you don’t have to worry about that.

Next, it’s asking for your “Account Name”. You can choose anything you want. I just type the name of my business, so I called my account “Blondepreneur”.

The next section is about your website property. So in the field asking for “Website Name”, again I just type the name of my business, “Blondepreneur”. In the “Website URL” of course enter your website’s URL.

Then select your industry category. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how much this matters, just select something as close as possible to what industry you are in. And lastly, select your time zone.

Scrolling down you will see “Data Sharing Settings”…

Google Analytics data settings

You should read through each of them and personally decide which settings you want on. If you don’t want one of them, simply click the checkmark and it will uncheck the box.

Now you can hit “Get Tracking ID”.

4. Get Tracking ID

After clicking, “Get Tracking ID” you will be brought into a page within your Google Analytics account. It will display your tracking ID. I do not have a screenshot of this because you don’t want to share your tracking ID with others.

But yours will be listed towards the top of the page under big bolded words that say “Tracking ID”.

Copy that code. It should be a couple of letters followed by a string of numbers.

How to Connect Google Analytics to Squarespace

Now that you have your tracking ID, go to the backend of your Squarespace website.

Click Settings -> Advanced -> External API Keys

Click settings in your Squarespace website backend
Click Advanced in your Squarespace settings
Click on external API keys to enter your Google Analytics ID

Then at the very top you will see a spot to add your Google Analytics Account Number. Just paste your tracking ID there and that’s it!

Enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID to connect to Squarespace

See super simple!

Well, don’t forget to hit save.

Now you just have to wait about 48 hours before you start seeing data show up in your Google Analytics. After that, you just log in to your Google Analytics account to check on your stats and see how well your website is doing.

Just a quick note: I recently learned that the numbers shown in your Squarespace Analytics and Google Analytics will be different. They both track information differently.

The only time I have really noticed this is with the traffic numbers. If you want to see accurate numbers of your traffic look at your Squarespace analytics. But for everything else, look at your Google Analytics. Like I said earlier, there will be more in-depth information for you there.


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