15 Blogging Income Reports to Inspire You


I remember when I first learned that people actually made money blogging. Even then, I didn’t realize just how much you could make with blogging. But once I started to see more and more income reports from bloggers I became very curious with the whole idea.

My number one question was “how the heck do you make money blogging?” I will answer this in a minute but first I wanted to touch on a few points.

I want to share these because seeing other bloggers income reports can be very inspiring and help motivate you to make your blog and online business better.

Blog income reports from bloggers in January 2019. Bloggers making money from home with products and services and through passive income like affiliate marketing and ads

BUT, they can also be dangerous.

Seeing others income reports can pull you into the comparison trap and have you feeling like crap and a failure because you may not be making as much as them.

When this happens, I like to remember the quote:

“Don’t compare your chapter 1 with someone else’s chapter 20.”

Honestly, I don’t even know who said this quote so I can’t properly give credit. If you know who said it, let me know because Google couldn’t give me an answer.

Because of this, I wanted to share with you a variety of blogger’s income reports from what may seem like little money to some but big money to others. And then some that seem like good money to some and out of this world money to others.

But first…

How do bloggers make money?

Bloggers can make money in a variety of ways. And some of the ways that these bloggers made money was from things like…

  • Affiliate marketing - this is when you send your readers to another person’s product and make a percentage of the sale

  • Sponsored posts - these are specific posts that companies pay you to write about their products

  • Advertising - ads placed on your website

  • Services - such as coaching, web design, graphic design, marketing specialist, etc

  • Products (both digital and physical) - such as printables, planners, eBooks, actual books, eCourses, etc

15 Blogging Income Reports from January 2019

…in no particular order. I am not including the actual breakdown of their income reports because I want you to visit their website and read their post so you can learn as much as possible from each of these bloggers.

I tried to include bloggers from a variety of niches so you can see that you don’t have a certain niche in order to make money!

Create and Go

Create and Go is a blog about blogging and making money blogging. It is run by a couple named Alex and Lauren, who also have a blog about yoga and weightloss and in January 2019 they made a total of $142,071.17 from both blogs. But this isn’t including their monthly expenses.

Making Sense of Cents

Although Michelle at Making Sense of Cents no longer publishes the numbers in her income reports, I still wanted to include her because in 2018 she made $1,500,000! She does still show the breakdown of how she made money, so you can still learn a lot from her income reports.

Finsavvy Panda

The Finsavvy Panda made $6,790.93 from her blog about saving, earning, and investing! She made money from ads and affiliates.

Perfection Hangover

Melissa Blevins has a blog about personal development and personal finances called Perfection Hangover. In January she made $498.70 from ads, affiliates, and sponsored posts!

Went Here 8 This

Danielle from Went Here 8 This, a blog about food, made $1,004.08 in January! She made money from ads, sponsored posts, and affiliates.

Blog Ambitious

Blog Ambitious made $1,716.73 from her blog in January! She made money from ads and affiliates.

Thyme and Joy

Valeria over at the food blog Thyme and Joy made $1,334.95 in January! She made money from ads, affiliates, and services.

Make Save Spend Give

Brittney from Make Save Spend Grow, a blog about personal finances, made $106.78! She made money from affiliates and ads!

Lucky Mojito

Monica has a lifestyle blog called Lucky Mojito where she made $501.91 in January. She says she barely spent any time on her blog in January but was still able to make an income! She made money passively with ads and affiliates.

By Sophia Lee

Sophia, from By Sophia Lee, made $9,349.60 from her blog about life! She made money from affiliates and ads.

Journey to SAHM

Samantha blogs about being a stay at home mom on her blog Journey to SAHM. In January she earned $869.37 from affiliates, ads, and sponsored posts!

This Mama Blogs

Jane is the owner over at This Mama Blogs, a lifestyle blog. In January she made $1,600.11 from ads and affiliates!

Liana Desu

Liana is of course the blogger behind the beauty blog Liana Desu! In January she made $367.59 from affiliates and ads!


Mikaela from Jamimico, a blog about personal growth, productivity, and finances, made $37.85! She made money from affiliates.

Root and Revel

Kate writes about food on her blog Root and Revel. In January she made $20,764.65 from ads, affiliates, sponsored posts, services, and products!

Hopefully seeing these income reports will help inspire you. But I don’t want you to get overwhelmed or start comparing yourself. You may not be in the same place as them and that’s not a bad thing.


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