Hey there, I’m Amanda!

I am here to help entrepreneurs design and grow the successful online business of their dreams with Squarespace or Shopify

Amanda the designer and founder of designmint

Here’s my story…

Like most entrepreneurs, I decided I wanted to make a living but on my own terms. I was bored and drained from working my “real” job and knew that I needed something that I had control over. Something that would allow me freedom to do what I want, create what I want, and even work when and where I want.

In 2017 I opened two Etsy shops and designed websites with blogs for each. But soon I realized I was having more fun and fulfillment teaching others about the things I learned while growing my business.

So I decided to dedicate my time to researching and testing so I can teach other entrepreneurs how to design and grow their own businesses to create the life of their dreams.

The Etsy shops are still open but the websites have been closed. (I can only juggle so many things at once and Etsy makes it easier to run the shops without me actually paying much attention!)

I just want to help other creative online entrepreneurs turn their talents and passion into a successful business.

Random Facts About Me

The official dog of designmint
  • This is my dog named Kiara and she is my life… I am obsessed with her, like seriously, it’s bad

  • I have a strong passion for animals and feel the need to help them all

    (Which is why every purchase from The Crazy Dog Mom helps save dogs with 10% of the profits going to rescues)

  • I am deeply in love with traveling, like I even enjoy going to the airport

  • For some reason I really like succulents, maybe it’s because they are easier to keep alive

  • My favorite color is, well, mint… or maybe it’s more of a teal/turquoise/aqua/mint kind of color